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Amazing Comments By Cesc Fabregas

There is an absolutely amazing interview with Cesc Fabregas Spanish magazine Don Balon in which the Gunners captain blast Arsene Wenger.

Here are some of his comments:

“It [Wenger’s position] is now easier to understand because I’ve been here for many years,” said Fabregas. “Obviously, if you come from Spain and you say to [Unai] Emery, and [Pep] Guardiola and [Jose] Mourinho that they would spend three years [at one club] without winning anything, it’s understood that they’re not going to continue in their position.”

Fabregas then goes on to talk about how Arsenal have not won anything since the FA Cup in 2005:

“We have to make a decision whether we want to develop young players or whether we want to win trophies. It’s true that Arsenal have got a reputation of a team who play beautiful football, but don’t win anything. We won the FA Cup when I got here and we reached the Champions League final. However, we haven’t been successful since 2007, despite playing good football. That’s when you realise that it doesn’t work. We were in four competitions at one stage of the season, but we’re still empty handed.”

If Fabregas has been quoted correctly in this interview these are incredibly strong comments for the Gunners captain to make. These are the sort of things you say on the way out the door, they are not the kind of things that you say if you are intending to be around for many more seasons to come.

But, can any Arsenal fan take exception to what Fabregas actually said? How many managers at a top club in Europe can go six years without winning anything and still have a job? Carlo Ancelotti will get fired by Chelsea at the end of the season for not winning anything, and last year he won the double! If Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho went three years at Barca or Madrid without winning anything, would they still have their jobs?

As for his comment about playing beautiful football but not winning anything, what Arsenal fan has not made that comment? The team that Arsenal are most compared too is Barcelona. But what makes Barca different than Arsenal is that Pepe Guardiola’s team wins trophies. Arsene Wenger’s team doesn’t.

I am sure a lot of Arsenal fans will take exception to Fabregas’s comments, but can you actually disagree with what he said?




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  • K. Eric April 19, 2011, 10:09 pm

    I think Cesc said the right things. The manager doesn’t seem to care or he isn’t bothered about not winning because he thinks he job is permanently secured. In the first place, which manager doesn’t wanna win trophies? Does Wenger have winning mentality? Is he able to even read a game when Arsenal seems to be losing technically and perhaps the game plan needs to be changed? He has on several occasions admitted he didn’t know what to do at tough times…….and these were times the boys needed technical support to overcome their opponents.

    I think Wenger needs a wake up call. He’s been keeping some players who aren’t good enough to wear Arsenal’s jersey. Most of the players cannot be counted upon to help the team at any time when the team needs someone to carry it on…….look at Messi. Whenever the going gets tough for Barca, he takes the team to another level single handedly. Messi brings something special whenever all seems to have been lost by Barca. Arsenal as a team lacks such personality.

    And then you have a coach who almost always plans how to defend the team whenever they give away important games. Instead of accepting the blames and make a dramatic change, he defends himself and the style and keeps repeating himself of words such as “strong mentality”, “believe in ourselves”, “play our own game”, and so on.

    The players lack winning mentality. They lack the strength to fight. The defense of the team is dead!!! The attacking and strikers are not sharp at all!!!! There isn’t any deadly striker who can be relied upon by the team, especially when things are difficult for the team. This is evident in the number of so-called strikers at the club who are not being used by the coach. He can’t trust them, yet he is keeping them. Just to cover up that those players aren’t good enough and he brought in the wrong players.

    The wake up call must begin with the coach himself. He must rise up above mere talking and be realistic.

    • David Wilson April 20, 2011, 10:07 am

      Totally agree on the comment about the team lacking personality. They lack a leader in the team who can take the club, put it on his back and say follow me.

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