La Liga

Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano accused of tax evasion

A Portuguese television programme ‘Sexta às 9’ has broadcast a report accusing Real Madrid star Xabi Alonso and Barcelona star Javier Mascherano of tax evasion.

The report claimed that both players have transferred millions of euros to accounts in the tax-free zone of Madeira, with the alleged aim of evading tax payments.

Ignasi Maestre Casanovas, owner of Igmasa Gestió Management Company Servicos e Gestao, a financial investment company with branches in several tax havens, including the offshore tax-free zone of Madeira, also appears to be at the centre of the players attempt to minimize their taxes.

The Portuguese TV programme alleged that the players created work positions at the companies which manage their public image matters with the sole purpose of benefiting from the discounts granted by the Portuguese government.

The two companies were formed by Ignasi Maestre in the Madeira Islands some time before 2007. However, it would appear that the main events stated in the Portuguese report happened more recently, at a time after both players had signed contracts to play in La Liga – Alonso for Real Madrid and Mascherano for Barcelona.