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Will Kaka Replace Becks In LA?

I thought that the LA Galaxy was going to replace David Beckham with another English midfielder. Namely Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who is out of contract at the end of the season.

But it appears that the Galaxy are aiming higher, with the club’s owner Tim Leiweke saying that he is confident that they can agree a deal with Madrid for the former World Footballer of the Year.

“We are well aware of the interest in Kaka from other MLS teams,” he told Sports Illustrated. “And we have made our interest clear as well.”

The reason the switch from Lampard to Kaka is the Galaxy’s desire to capture more of the growing Hispanic market in LA, something that Leiweke spoke about:

“Coach Bruce Arena and I happen to be on the same page about where we need to go next.

“This next person has to be able to not only fit what Bruce needs on the pitch, but more importantly, we’re an ever-changing demographic in this marketplace, and we have to pay attention to that.

‘It’s critical that we do the one thing we have never been able to do yet with the Galaxy, although we’ve tried. There is a Hispanic Latino population base we have to go conquer, and we haven’t.

“We’re well aware of Kaká’s interest in MLS, and we in turn have made it very clear to him that he’s aware of our interest in him.

‘We have a great relationship with Real Madrid, and just as we worked through a player with them six years ago [Beckham], I’m absolutely convinced we could find the right deal this time, too.’

What do you think of Kaka coming to MLS and potentially LA. Is it a good move for the league>? And what about Lampard? Could he be heading to New York instead?