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Uefa Appeals Its Own Disciplinary Decision

In a perfect illustration of how dysfunctional Uefa is, Europe’s regulatory body is appealing the the sanctions imposed on England and Serbia by its own disciplinary body following October’s Under-21 game.

Uefa’s Control and Disciplinary body had imposed an €80,000 fine on the Serbian FA and ordered their next Under-21 game to be played behind closed doors as a result of the home supporters’ racist chanting during the U21 playoff match in Krusevac.

A post-match brawl resulted in suspensions for two Serbia coaches and four players, including two English players.

The leniency of the Serbia penalties drew widespread criticism, as did the decision to punish two England players, and UEFA has now exercised its right to challenge all sanctions.

A statement read:

“As per the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, the UEFA disciplinary inspector has the right to open disciplinary investigations and to lodge appeals against decisions taken by the Control and Disciplinary Body.

“Having reviewed the motivated decisions for the sanctions imposed in this specific case, which have also been provided to all parties, the UEFA disciplinary inspector felt it necessary to immediately confirm his intention to appeal.”

If is was not so serious it would be laughable. How can you appeal your own decision?

While Michel Platini denies it, Uefa has a problem with racism, especially in Eastern Europe, and until Uefa shows that it is serious about this subject by banning countries from tournaments, what we saw in Krusevac will continue to happen.