U.S. crushed by Mexico

Mexico finally won a game in the U.S. Sunday, defeating the U.S. 5-0 in the final of the Gold Cup. Before today’s victory Mexico had been 0-9-2 against the U.S. on American soil since a March 1999 victory at San Diego.

“I believe this is a great win for Mexico because we showed the pride we have in our hearts today,” Giovani Dos Santos said. “This is a huge step for us in the process. The win injects us with some motivation, confidence and maturity.”

Amazingly, the score was tied at half-time and Mexico did not get its first goal until the 56th minute when Giovani Dos Santos won a rather dubious penalty. After that goal the U.S. defense simply imploded as Mexico ran riot, scoring four more goals in the next half hour.

United States head coach Bob Bradley was a loss to explain what happened to his team in the second half:

“The area where we didn’t do well enough was our response to the first goal,” admitted Bradley. “I think the first half we played pretty well, and now when the second half starts you obviously want to build on that. It’s about your ability to make sure that the game doesn’t become a free-for-all, where the other team has all sorts of space and opportunities, where you’re numbers aren’t good enough in the back when the ball turns over, where you loose bad balls, there’s a lot of different things there that obviously came into play. I think it’s most important that we can look at those things.”

Mexico’s win turns up the heat nicely for the rematch at the Azteca Stadium on August 12, when the U.S. will be looking for is first victory in Mexico in an important World Cup Qualifying game.

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    Will with the amount of time he had its the only wise formation to make ,Surely when the injured players come back he will definatly change to 4-3-1-2 or
    4-2-3-1 lets see but the good thing we started to win that gives the players a huge boost.

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