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Tottenham Confirm £35m Bid For Rossi

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed that Spurs made a club-record bid of £35m for Giuseppe Rossi on Monday. That bid was turned down, but Spurs expects to be back in the summer to try again.

Redknapp said:

“Daniel (Spurs club chairman Daniel Levy) always said that if we found the right player then we would have gone for him but it was difficult. He tried something with Rossi. I think he offered £35m in the end. It’s hard to get top players unless you pay top money. You couldn’t get Rossi because Villarreal don’t want to sell you him. The chairman would have bought someone for £30m though, for sure. He wanted to bring someone in. There was no doubt that he wanted to do it. He wanted to get somebody in and if Daniel and Joe Lewis can find the right people they will have a go again.”

If Spurs come back with an improved offer of say £40m, around 46 million euros, will Villarreal be able to turn it down?