World Cup

Thank You Landon

Wow. My heart cannot take many more games like this.

The U.S. had chance after chance against Algeria but could not score and you started to wonder if this was one of those nights where the ball would not go in the net.

Then into extra-time Tim Howard makes a save and then throws a bullet to Donovan 60 yards away. The throw springs the U.S. counter-attack and the U.S. had 4 on three.

Donovan feeds the ball to Altidore on the right and his cross is met by Dempsey and the near post. The Algerian keeper makes a great save and the ball bounces lose and there was Donovan to score and wipe out for every the LandyCakes nickname.

This was a huge victory for the U.S. The team kept its first clean sheet since I believe the 1-0 victory over England in 1950.

With the win the U.S. wins the group which means they get the runner up in Group D, who play later this afternoon. More important, if the U.S win that game they would meet the winner of Uruguay v South Korea in the quarter-finals. Suddenly the bracket looks a lot for the U.S.

While we all expected (hoped?) that the U.S. would progress from this group, nobody expected them to go undefeated and win the group.

The big players for the U.S. have been terrific. Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, and Howard have all been terrific.

Great day for soccer in the U.S.