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Beckham’s MLS Career Slowly Coming To An End

After 4 years with  L A Galaxy, David Beckham’s career in the MLS will be coming to an end at the end of this season that is assuming that the Los Angeles based outfit does not offer him a new contract.

Beckham is in his final year of his multi million dollar contract with Galaxy and this has led to a scramble for his signature among Europe’s elite clubs with the likes of  PSG, Tottenham and Queen’s Park Rangers all in the race to sign him.

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Who Belongs in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame?

Recently, the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame announced its list of candidates for induction. The HOF, which was established in Oneonta, New York in 1999, requires candidates to receive 66% of the available votes to gain induction. Here’s who I think gets in:

The Americans:

Jeff Agoos was a three time MLS all-star and five tie MLS Cup winner. He also earned 134 caps for the Nats and played in two world cups. He’s as deserving a candidate as there is in this current pool.

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Moreno Goes Under The Knife

Jaime Moreno, the MLS all-time leading scorer, underwent ACL surgery yesterday. At 34, this sort of surgery could signal Moreno (who was already in the twilight of his career) may be done for good. But I think otherwise, and I’ll tell you why…

Moreno had 10 goals and 10 assists this season. Not too shabby. Heck, other than bursts from Emilio, he was the only thing keeping DCU in playoff contention. He clearly can still play with the best MLS has to offer, when he’s healthy.

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MLS Postseason Predictions (Second Leg Edition)

Wow, did anyone listen to my playoff picks a few weeks ago and decide to bet a little money down the stretch on the teams I picked?

I sure didn’t.

I wish I had though, as I was (uncharacteristically) right on when it came to who would be the postseason squads. Kansas City, New York and RSL all secured spots in the final weeks.

Now the playoffs are officially on and it’s time to predict some more winners. I wouldn’t bet on these though as I likely used up what little foresight I had with those pre-playoff picks. I won’t be due for another correct prediction until the 2016 Kentucky Derby. But here goes anyways.

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MLS Saturday Clears Up Foggy Playoff Picture

With only one game left in the season for most teams (well, except for Colorado and Chivas, who play today), the playoff brackets are finally being filled in.

San Jose lost by one goal to Houston on Wednesday, then dropped another one goal game to Kansas City on Saturday. The Quakes are no longer in playoff contention. It was a fantastic run, but playoffs were too much to ask of the Quakes in their inaugural season.

Houston also helped knock LA out of playoff contention by putting a 3-0 “whupping” on the Gals. Now, the Gals need to avoid a loss to Dallas on the season’s final weekend, or they could end up on the bottom of the league table. Beckham, Donovan & Co. should be embarassed. I bet they are too.

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MLS Playoff Push: The Pushover Edition

I was going to write a full post about each team’s playoff chances, but its getting close to game time and the three teams left (Toronto, San Jose and LA)…

Well, let’s just say I don’t need to delve too deeply into analysis to discover these teams probably are not going to make it. The Sounders have a better chance of qualifying than a couple of these teams.

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MLS Playoff Push: Kansas City Edition

What a crazy year it’s been for Jimmy Conrad and the boys from lil’ ol’ Kansas City. After a strong start, KC has been pretty mediocre for the duration of the season. They’ve had spurts of good play, but they have been way too streaky.

Yet, the Wiz are within pissing distance of the playoffs. And fortunate for them, they are due for another hot streak.

They currently sit only one point behind Dallas and Colorado for the final wild card.  To make the playoffs, they will have to play well against the Revs (not once, but twice) and get a home win against the Quakes.

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MLS Playoff Push: Dallas Edition

Dallas is currently tied for the last spot in the playoffs. Well, not really…

Even though both Dallas and Colorado have 34 points (and Dallas has a huge goal differential lead), they were 0-2-1 against the Rapids this year, so they’ll lose the tiebreaker even if they finish neck & neck in points.

They need to win outright. It could happen.

They finish the year with Toronto, Salt Lake and L.A., none of which are in the MLS elite. But, two of those games are away, which has been bad news for them this year (3-5-5).

Then again, they have been finishing very strong. No losses in five straight results.

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MLS Playoff Push: Colorado Edition

The Colorado Rapids are talking up their current playoff position pretty hard on their website. If you went there, you’d probably think they were in already. It is true that they would make it to the big dance if the regular season ended today, but I’m the type of superstitious fan who doesn’t want my team to think about the playoffs until they’ve qualified. Until then, just think about the next game.

But, I guess you could call the Rapids (and their fans) confident though, which is never a bad thing in pro sports.

Well, so long as you’re not overconfident, that is.

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MLS Playoff Push: Three Weeks Left, Three Spots Up For Grabs

With only three weeks remaining in the regular season, the playoff race is more tightly contested than ever before. Columbus and Houston are in, and New England, Chicago and even Chivas appear to have a firm grasp on their postseason spots. However, three spots (the third in the West and the two wild card spots) are still up for grabs. Here are the numbers with three games to play.

1. New York (35)

2. Salt Lake (35)

3. Colorado (34)

4. Dallas (34)

5. Kansas City (33)

6. D.C. (33)

7. Toronto (31)

8. San Jose (30)