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Stuart Holden Still Hoping To Go To Brazil Next Summer

When Bolton midfielder Stuart Holden ruptured the cruciate ligament in his right knee playing for the USA against Panama in the Gold Cup Final in July we all thought that his World Cup dream was over.

But Holden is making a faster recovery than expected and believes he could be back in action by February – in time to win a place in the squad for Brazil.

‘I’m doing some great work rehab-wise,’ said Holden is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying.

‘The plan is, by December, I’m looking to be back out on the field in terms of doing some ball work, stepping up my fitness and getting that core fitness back.

‘You always like to dangle a carrot in front of yourself and that (the World Cup) certainly is mine.

‘I did it last time. I broke my leg eight weeks before the World Cup in South Africa and made it back to that team, and that’s definitely a big goal for me.

‘I told Jurgen Klinsmann I’ll be on that plane to Brazil – and I don’t plan to go back on my word.’

It’s a long shot for Holden to be fit for Brazil, but I am sure than Klinsmann will give him every opportunity to prove his fitness as the USA midfield is better with a fully fit Stu Holden in it, than without him.