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Sergio Busquets To Real Madrid?

busquetsAccording to Spanish newspaper, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has set his sights on a fascinating move to bring in Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets.

Perez has to stand for reelection as Madrid President and one of the common tactics in any election campaign is to make big promises in order to get elected. And Perez has already stated his intention to land a ‘marquee’ signing this summer.

Now Madrid have been linked with Spur’s Gareth Bale, but I am not sure if the Madrid faithful would consider Bale a true “marquee’ signing. But signing Busquets from bitter rivals Barcelona would!

Left unsaid in the article is why Barcelona would sell Busquets to their biggest rivals?

While Messi, Xavi and Iniesta get all the platitudes for how Barcelona play, it is Busquets who does a great deal of the ‘dirty work’ that leaves time and space for Barcelona’s more creative talents to shine. And with 2 and a half years on his current contract, Barcelona will be under no incentive to sell the best defensive midfielder in the game.

While the transfers of Luis Enrique from Real Madrid to Barcelona and Luís Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid, caused an uproar amongst the fans of their respective clubs, the two clubs have managed to do business on more than 20 times. So there is a history of movement between the two clubs.

That being said, I just cannot see that happening in this scenario.

Who do you think of Sergio Busquets. Can you envision a scenario where Barcelona sell him to Real Madrid?