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Sandro Rosell Whining About Referees

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has criticised the performance levels of Spanish referees this season.

Rosell’s club felt aggrieved by the decision of the Spanish federation’s competitions committee not to punish Real Madrid utility man Pepe for appearing to stamp on Barca forward Lionel Messi’s hand earlier this month.

Rosell said in quotes reported by marca.com:

“I like to assess [referees] at the end of the season but this year it doesn’t look good. If [the competition committee] does not work well then we will have our say, because football is supposed to be based on fair play.”

I hate to see these kind of comments from Rosell. Barca are seven points behind Real Madrid because of their poor away form this season, not because of referring decisions. Accept the responsibility Rosell, and stop making excuses.

Barca manager Pep Guardiola also disagrees with his boss saying:

“Barca do not complain about referees. But a different thing is to say if in this or that situation we could have been awarded a penalty. If that is complaining, then we complain. The only thing I know is that we do not help referees and we do not to them any favours. I get annoyed when referees make mistakes which damage us, but then I think: ‘They made a mistake’. I represent a club and I know that tomorrow, in another decision, maybe they will favour us. And I have to live with it. If we are defeated, we have to do better. And I know this, having spent so many years at this club.”