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Robbie Keane Heads Back To Spurs

As we predicted yesterday Robbie Keane was sold back to Spurs by Liverpool for £12 million. This has been a really good transfer window for Tottenham and they look a lot stronger than they did four weeks ago.

Keane admitted it was a tough decision to leave Spurs in the summer and he has vowed to win over any fans still unhappy with his initial departure.

“It was a difficult decision to make to leave Tottenham in the summer,” Keane said. “It proved not to be the right move for me. I know some Spurs fans will feel I let them down by leaving but I can assure them I shall be giving my all for this club – this club has terrific fans and I want to repay them for all their support. We’ve got to get on and fight our way up that league table.”

I still don’t understand why Rafa would do this though. He is left with Torres and Kuyt up front, but with Torres’s injury problems Liverpool suddenly look a little weak up front, especially when they are still chasing three trophies this year.

The other big transfer that did go through was at Chelsea who have signed Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma on loan from Inter Milan. Chelsea are really missing a little bit of creativeness on the flanks and they are hoping that Quaresma can provide it for them.

As of 7pm EST, there is still no news whether Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin has really joined Arsenal or not. After their display this weekend, Arsenal need someone like him and I really expect this deal to happen.

Premier League Transfers on Feb 2:
In: Chelsea (Quaresma), Everton (Jo), Fulham (Dacourt, Gray), Newcastle (Taylor), Portsmouth (Basinas), Stoke (Camara), Sunderland (Davenport), Tottenham (Keane), West Brom (Menseguez, Mulumbu), Wigan (N’Zogbia)
Out: Chelsea (Smith, Tejera), Fulham (Leijer,Teymourian), Liverpool (Gulacsi, Hamill, Keane), Man City (Jo), Man Utd (Chester), Newcastle (N’Zogbia), Portsmouth (Hyland), Sunderland (Chopra), Tottenham (Pekhart), West Ham (Davenport), Wigan (Camara, Taylor)

Later this week we will have a transfer window winners and losers post. What teams did you think did the best (or worst) in the January transfer window?