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Richest English Footballers And Club Owners

Football is the most popular sport in the world and yet is falls way short as the most lucrative one. Sports such as American Football, Basketball and Baseball are some of the richest sports in the world. Sports personalities in the NBA like LA’s Kobe Bryant and Celtics Kevin Garnett earn a whooping US$ 25,000,000 per season! And the figure gets totally unreasonable when you consider the NFL, NHL and the MLB.

However the tide seems to be changing. 2009 saw some of the heaviest spending in world football. Records were not only broken, they were ultimately shattered! Real Madrid are the major reason for this. The Spanish giants spent a colossal US$ 221,000,000 on just 2 players – Brazilian Kaka and Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

The most watched league – the EPL is my focus today. Its not hard to guess who tops the list but if you are a die-hard EPL fan then you can check if your favourite players made the list.

1. David Beckham 112 milllion Pounds
2. Micheal Owen Manchester Untied 37 million Pounds
3. Robbie Fowler 30 million Pounds
4. Wayne Rooney 30 million Pounds
5. Sol Campbell 28 million Pounds
6. Rio Ferdinand 25 million Pounds
7. Ryan Giggs 23 million Pounds
8. Steven Gerrard 25 million Pounds

Below is also a list of some of the wealthiest club owners

1. Roman Abramovic Chelsea 10.8Bn Pounds
2. Joe Lewis Tottenham 2.8 Bn Pounds
3. Alisher Usmanov Arsenal 2.7Bn Pounds
4. Bernie Ecclestone Qeens Park Rangers 2.5Bn Pounds
5. Mike Ashley Newcastle 1.6Bn Pounds
6. Dermont Desmond Celtic 1.6Bn Pounds
7. Malcom Glazer Manchester United 1.25Bn Pounds
8. Stanley Kroenke Arsenal 1.2Bn Pounds
9. Trevor Hemmings Preston N.E. 980 million Pounds
10. Lord Ashcroft 950 million Pounds