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RFEF Sells Out As Spanish Super Cup Is Heading To China

The Spanish federation (RFEF) has agreed a preliminary deal with Chinese promoter United Vansen International Sport for the Spanish Super Cup to take place in Beijing beginning in 2013.

The two-legged, season-opening tie, which pits the La Liga champions against the Copa del Rey holders, will be played in the Bird’s Nest stadium in the Chinese capital, the federation said in a statement on their website.

They did not publish financial details but Spanish media reported that the deal, which has a seven-year duration and needs approval by the RFEF general assembly, would net the federation around 40 million euros.

A decision made purely for the euros with no care at all for the Spanish football fan or player. The Spanish Super Cup is like the traditional opening of the season. The fact that the game over two-legs at each teams home ground is what makes the Super Cup different than the Supercoppa Italiana or even the Charity Shield, which are both held at neutral fields.

Instead of a two games in front of passionate fans, we will now force players to travel half-way around the world, to play in front of a passionless crowd.

The RFEF has sold the soul of the Spanish Super Cup for a bucket full of euros. And the game is worse off because of it.