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Real Madrid VP Complains That Spurs Have Dragged Feet On Bale Deal

White Hart LaneReal Madrid vice-president Fernando Fernández Tapias told journalists in La Coruña on Thursday
that he expected Gareth Bale to have joined the club by now and has accused Tottenham of dragging their feet over the deal.

Asked if he thought that Bale will sign for Madrid, Fernández-Tapias said:

“There are problems, but I think it will all be straightened out. We thought he’d be here [for the Teresa Herrera match], but he hasn’t even flown to Madrid yet, although it could still happen”

Though he initially sought to dodge the Bale issue by claiming “I don’t know anything”, he later admitted that everyone is on tenterhooks as the saga moves towards a resolution.

“I think it will happen, but I couldn’t swear to it completely. We have to wait, because Spurs are stalling” he explained.

Welcome to the world of Daniel Levy Real Madrid. After seeing Modric get unsettled by Madrid last summer, Levy was prepared for the Spanish sides tricks this summer. The selling of Bale shirts on the Real Madrid web site and the building of the podium so he could be introduced to the fans only ticked Levy off, and made him harden his position even more.

Levy knows that Bale is going to Real Madrid this weekend. But he will not only squeeze every Euro out of the Spanish side that he can, he has also used those funds to bring some terrific players to White Hart lane. While many pundits were picking Spurs to finish fourth this season, that might be short changing the talent that AVB now has at his disposal.

So while this is a great deal for Spurs, I still cannot understand why Real Madrid are doing it. It seems like an ego buy by Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

The signing of Bale is giving Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti headaches. After spending the summer telling Cristiano Ronaldo how important he was to the club, Perez goes and smashes Ronaldo’s transfer record by signing Bale who plays the same position. That is not the kind of move that will get Ronaldo to sign a new deal.

And where does Bale play at Madrid? Ronaldo has been a goalscoring machine playing on the left, which is Bale’s preferred position. Isco plays in the middle, and while Bale or Ronaldo could play on the right, where does that leave Di Maria or Ozil?