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Rafa Refuses To Call CR7 The Best Player In The World

ronaldo-portugalThe new Madrid boss must not have gotten the memo about how fragile Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego is as he made a point of not labelling him the world’s best at a press conference in Australia.

The new Madrid boss was facing the press in Australia as part of the Spanish giants’ pre-season tour when he claimed that Ronaldo was “one of the world’s best.”

But when the press corps – surprised that he hadn’t backed his own player in the ongoing debate with Lionel Messi – pushed him for more, Benitez made a point of not claiming Ronaldo was number 1.

“To say that he is one of the best in the world I believe is sufficient,” stated Benitez, before attempting to explain himself with reference to the rest of his squad.

“It is like asking my daughter if she prefers my wife or me. The father or the mother. It’s not easy,” he said.

“Ronaldo, Bale, all of them – they are so good. For me it’s not a problem. James (Rodriguez), Isco, (Karim) Benzema, Ronaldo or Bale, we have an option with all of them.

“Ronaldo is a key player for us, Gareth will be a key player for us. But the same will be Benzema, James, Isco, (Toni) Kroos, (Luka) Modric. We have a fantastic team. We have to keep improving the squad, keep working hard with the players that we have.”

Ronaldo was already unhappy with the fact that Carlo Ancelotti was fired. How long until we see the Ronaldo is unahppy headlines in Marca?