Major League Soccer

Philadelphia Union – Welcome to MLS

The newest team in major League Soccer is the Philadelphia Union.

Union was picked as the name of Major League Soccer’s 16th team after an exhaustive internal evaluation aimed at selecting a name that would be both modern and lasting. In choosing Union, the team hearkens to the city’s part in the nation’s founding and to the area’s historic role in the American labor movement.

The logo also reflects Philadelphia’s history. A circular emblem that bears a hissing snake. The serpent echoes the use of a rattlesnake on the 1775 Gadsden flag, which bore the legend “Don’t Tread on Me.” The logo’s top rim contains the word Philadelphia, and the lower rim carries 13 stars, for the original colonies.

The teams colors will be blue and gold. The Union who begin play in MLS next season will play in a $500 million stadium complex being built on the Chester riverfront.

Expect an announcement next week about season tickets. The Union has already taken deposits for about 6,000 season tickets, a third of the 18,500-seat arena.

The Seattle Sounders is a tough act to follow, but with a third of the seats sold already, Philadelphia has a chance to also sell out all its games in its first season in Major League Soccer.

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