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Neymar Transfer Scandal Cost Barcelona President His Job

neymar-barcelonaBarcelona president Sandro Rosell has resigned as the truth about Neymar’s summer transfer from Santos comes out.

Rosell resigned a day after a judge agreed to hear a lawsuit accusing him of allegedly hiding the true cost to acquire Neymar.

Barcelona and Rosell had maintained that they paid “just” €57 million to sign Neymar from Santos in the summer, while leaked documents suggest the deal was for as much as €95 million and the player and his family have received €51 million in various fees and commissions.

“I have always said that the signing of Neymar is correct and has sparked jealousy,” Rosell said on Thursday. “This board (of directors) is a team and this team leads a project that has been successful. My stage is over and I am presenting my resignation to the board. Bartomeu will be in charge of the presidency as the board has voted unanimously. I wish him the best and I ask you to support him.”

Rosell added:

“In recent days an unfair and reckless accusation of misappropriation has resulted in a lawsuit against me in the Audiencia Nacional.

“From the beginning I have said that the signing of Neymar Junior has been correct and his signing has caused despair and envy in some of our adversaries.

“The right of the club members to be informed needs to be compatible with the defence of the club and confidentiality of certain matters and facts. This confidentiality is essential in the world of football because otherwise the club could be damaged.

“The board of directors is a team. And this team leads a project that has brought the club great success. I don’t want unfair attacks to negatively affect their management or the image of the club. This is why I think my time here has come to an end.

“Now, in accordance with the club’s statutes, I have presented my irrevocable resignation of the presidency of FC Barcelona to the board of directors.”

But according to new figures released by Raúl Sanllehí, head of football at Barcelona, the total deal cost €130.2m. Barcelona break the figures out as follows:

  • Signing fee: 57.1 million
  • Other payments on signing: 29.1 million
  • Salary: 44 million (8.8 million a year for five years)