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Neil Warnock On Getting Fired By QPR – Video

Neil Warnock says he lost his Queens Park Rangers job as his reputation was “slowly poisoned” by critics both inside and outside the club. He claimed a “lack of football experience” in the hierarchy left QPR open to “manipulative” people.

The 63-year-old said he was unhappy fans and players were able to talk to owner Tony Fernandes through Twitter.

Warnock told BBC Sport his achievements at the club were “almost a miracle” given what “I’ve had to contend with”.

“Even the owner Tony… I know the influence he’ll have had from certain people over the past few weeks,” Warnock said. “It would have been difficult to resist because people get on the phone and tweet and it’s almost like slowly poisoning somebody from outside the club and no doubt from within the club as well. It’s a dangerous precedent if you let players talk to the chairman but, you know, you can’t stop tweeting.”