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Mourinho: They Should Call Me The Only One

Real Madrid manager José Mourinho said in an interview with the Portuguese TV channel SIC that the nickname he was known by in English football, the “Special One”, should be changed to the “Only One”, after having won the English, Italian and Spanish leagues.

“In England I was referred to as the Special One”. Things have continued to go well for me, thank God, and, whether you like it or not, I’m the only manager to have won the English, Italian and Spanish leagues. As such, instead of the ‘Special One’ they should start to call me unique”,

Mourinho assures that, with time,

“after having won practically everything” with the clubs that he’s managed, he’s “continually becoming less egotistical and egocentric.”

He remembers his time with Inter Milan with particular fondness.

“Making a team like Inter win again, after 50 years, gives me particular pleasure. That’s my type of challenge.”

Aged 49 and soon to start his third season with Real Madrid, the Portuguese admits that he likes to win for the pleasure it gives to those around him.

“I’ve always preferred the happiness of others, of those who surround me. That’s why winning with Inter was particularly pleasing. These are challenges, not personal goals.”