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Mourinho Fires Real Madrid Youth Director For Praising Guardiola

This animosity between Real Madrid and Barcelona is getting out of hand. Yesterday I wrote how Barcelona chief Sandro Rosell said that Ronaldo would not get in the Barcelona first team.

Well today we learn that Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has fired the club’s academy youth director, Alberto Giraldez, for praising former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.

Apparently Giraldez was at a congress in Catalonia in 2011, an event that Guardiola also attended, and the Real Madrid offered this praise to the former Barca coach:

“For all of us that love football, for all of us dedicated to the formation of players, the appearance of Pep Guardiola has been a true blessing.”

Giraldez is reportedly a confidant of Madrid president Florentino Perez but that friendship apparently was not strong enough to keep Giraldez employed.

Giraldez has a really good reputation who knows all the best up-and-coming players across Spain. I am sure that he will not be out of work for long.