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Mourinho Clashes With Ramos And Casillas Following Barcelona Defeat

Rumours are circulating of a serious training ground dispute between coach Jose Mourinho and vice-captain Sergio Ramos on Friday.

According to Madrid-based sports paper Marca, Mourinho accused his playing staff of betrayal following their post-match press reaction on Wednesday night.

During Friday’s session, Mourinho is reported to have turned to Ramos and said:

“You [guys] killed me [with your quotes to journalists] in the mixed zone.”

Ramos is said to have replied:

“No, boss, you only read what was published in the press, not everything we said.”

According to Marca, Mourinho then hit out at the supposed Spanish clique as he responded:

“Of course, as you Spanish are world champions, your friends in the press protect you … like the goalkeeper.”

That was in reference to captain Iker Casillas, who was some 30 metres away and apparently reacted angrily as he protested:

“Boss, here we say things to our faces, eh …”

Mourinho then reportedly turned to Ramos and asked:

“Where were you for the first goal, Sergio? Marking [Gerard] Pique,” he answered, to which the Portuguese countered: “Well, you should have been marking [goalscorer Carles] Puyol.”

Puyol was allowed a free header by Pepe, who lost the Barca captain at a corner, and Ramos claimed he and his team-mate had switched marking duties prior to the set piece.

“He [Puyol] and Pique were drawing the defenders [to leave space for others] and we decided to change the marking [responsibilities],” Ramos is reported to have said. “What’s this then?” Mourinho snarled. “Now you’re trying your hand as coach are you? o, but depending on the match situation, sometimes it’s necessary to change the marking,” Ramos hit back. “And as you have never been a [professional] player, you wouldn’t know that this is sometimes necessary.”

Winner covers up a lot of ills, but you get the sense that a lot of people inside Real Madrid are starting to turn against Mourinho. Hope it isn’t true, but I wonder how much longer Mourinho will be in charge?