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MLS Not Good Enough For England

England manager Fabio Capello has told David Beckham that his World Cup dream is dead unless he secures a return to Europe this winter.

“Beckham knows well that if he doesn’t return to a big European championship in December he’ll have no chance for the World Cup,” Capello told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Capello’s comments would indicate that Beckham will go overseas (to Milan?) in January and not return to the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer until after the World Cup in mid July 2010.

That would man that Beckham will have played soccer non-stop for two years. While he is very fit, he is also 34 years old and the odds of him getting injured have to be rising with every game.

Beckham has an out in his Galaxy contract at the end of this season and I don’t think he will be back playing in MLS after this season as he will be 35 after the World Cup.