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Mendes 'unsurprised' by Cristiano Ronaldo Comments

Jorge Mendes has confirmed his lack of surprise for and total support of Cristiano Ronaldo’s statements claiming he was sad at Real Madrid.

The agent was reportedly brought into the Santiago Bernabeu for talks on Monday to try to resolve the situation that the player stated yesterday Real Madrid were aware of.

Mendes was reported in some sections of the Press to have been caught off guard by his client’s words, but through a statement released this afternoon via his company’s website, the agent has responded.

“Regarding the reports published today that claimed that I was surprised and felt uncomfortable by the statements uttered by Cristiano Ronaldo, I would like to clarify,” began the posting.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s statements are based on reasons that are of my knowledge, it is the sole discretion of Cristiano Ronaldo to disclose those reasons or not.

“These statements are not a surprise nor a discomfort to me. Whoever knows the relationship I have with Cristiano Ronaldo will also know that he will always have my full support.”

It will be interesting to see how the Real Madrid faithful take to this when Ronaldo returns after the international break. As the unofficial Real Madrid newspaper the sports daily Marca wrote on Sunday:

“Since the game against Barça, a significant section of the stadium has been complaining about Ronaldo’s performances and he doesn’t like it. But a goal is a collective achievement, the ultimate expression of a job well done by the team.

“If Cristiano doesn’t like the way the fans are expressing themselves, the worst thing he can do is show it in the celebration of a goal. Above and beyond the individual scorer, it’s a Real Madrid goal. By the whole team.”