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Man City Has Best Squad In Europe

Manchester City have topped the charts once again, this time as the average transfer value of their first team reached a record high of £55million.

The CIES Football Observatory has published the average transfer value of players at teams in the top five divisions across Europe (England, , France, and Germany) and it has come out with some very interesting findings.

City, who got their hands on the Premier League trophy on Sunday after a remarkable season, have ranked far ahead of and Tottenham, who come in second and third respectively.

City’s average transfer value is an astonishing £55.4m, while La Liga giants Barcelona come in at £48.8m and Premier League rivals Tottenham at £45.2m.

The Premier League’s economic power, performance levels, long-term contract duration and youthfulness are the key criteria in explaining the Manchester outfit’s dominant position.

Seven players of the brilliant City squad have a transfer value of more than £88m, including Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane, Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and goalkeeper Ederson.

Fellow English top-flight sides , and are also in the top 10 of these findings.

The Premier League team with the lowest ranking is , who are looking to pull off a miraculous escape from relegation.

The Baggies are still ranked 55th out of 98 in Europe, which goes to reflect the economic power of the Premier League.