La Liga

Malaga´s financial problems continue

Malaga are continuing to struggle off field, despite reaching the Champions League group stages this season, and the financial windfall that means.

In September UEFA released a list of teams that will not be paid prize money until they have satisfied regulations relating to Financial Fair Play, and Malaga were on that list.

The clubs owner Sheikh Abdullah al-Thani had until October 31 to settle his debts to players, coaches and the tax man.

Thani reportedly still owes 70% of last season’s salaries, approximately 8.5 million euros, not including bonuses for Champions League qualification.

Last week the Sheikh gave assurances to Spanish TV channel Canal Plus that his investment into the team would continue, but problems continue to dog the club.

The Spanish tax authority want paid and it is looking like most, if not all, of the 20-million-euro profit from recent Champions League victories as well as income from television rights will go to the Spanish government and not the club.

With the January transfer window opening in 8 weeks, Malaga players like Isco could see themselves flogged to the highest bidder in order to pay the clubs debts.