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La Liga Sides Profit From Euro 2012 Competition

The checks have arrived from Uefa and they will be a welcome addition to many of Spain’s clubs.

Due to a new deal between UEFA and the European Club Association, teams across Europe now receive financial compensation for releasing players for qualifying and finals for the European Championships.

For this summer Euro 2012 competition, Real Madrid received €2.996,585 from Uefa whilst Barcelona received €2,210,202.

According to the agreement between the clubs and Uefa, each team receives an equal amount for each game each of their players participates in during qualifying, whilst each team then receives an equal amount for each day each player attends the finals tournament with their country.

The amounts received for each La Liga club due compensation are listed below.

  • Real Madrid, €2.996,585
  • Barcelona, €2,210,202
  • Valencia, €803,385
  • Sevilla, €720,768
  • Real Zaragoza, €717,385
  • Athletic Bilbao, €570,965
  • Malaga, €450,135
  • Atletico Madrid, €299,284
  • Mallorca, €54,507
  • Osasuna, €47,170
  • Rayo Vallecano, €41,929
  • Real Sociedad, €20,964
  • Espanyol, €16,771
  • Granada, €16,771
  • Deportivo, €10,482
  • Real Betis, €4,193