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Kansas City Wizards to get new stadium

One thing in common that the most successful MLS franchises have is that they all have their own soccer specific stadium. Today we can add the Kansas City Wizards to the list of franchises that have their own stadium.

The Unified Government of Kansas City, Kan. approved the Wizards’ plan for a soccer-specific stadium and fields complex, finally bringing an end to the club’s search for a permanent home.

“It’s a bit surreal,” said Kansas City Wizards president Robb Heineman. “Honestly, I want to see steel coming out of the ground before I exhale, but I’ll raise a glass of champagne tonight and celebrate a bit. This is a massive day for soccer in Kansas City.”

Finally the Wizards will have a home-field advantage. The yet-to-be-named stadium is planned to seat approximately 18,000 people, a vast majority of which will be covered by a distinctive ascending roof, inspired by stadiums in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. The roof will function not only as a guard against the elements, but also as a crowd noise amplifier.

The arena’s design will also include three in-stadium clubs, including one just for the Cauldron supporters group, and a field-side club through which players will pass on their way to the field. At its closest, the front row of seats will be only 16 feet away from the touchline.

“I love the design; it really seems like the input of fans has been included,” said Kevin Shook, a Wizards fan who attended Tuesday’s meeting.