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Jose Mourinho Eying Premier League Return

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has reiterated his desire to return to the English Premier League after his spell at Real Madrid is over.

Mourinho told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme last week:

“I am very, very happy to be in Real Madrid. It is a great experience for me. I believe it is probably the biggest club in the history of football, I didn’t want to miss the chance to work here, but my passion is England and my next step will be to go back, if possible go and stay for a long time. Get me a club in a couple of years, get me a good club.”

Bookmakers offer odds, in this order, on Chelsea, United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal as possible destinations for the ‘Special One’. And Tottenham Hotspur must be a possibility if Harry Redknapp leaves to coach England.

While manager of Inter Milan in late 2009, Mourinho said:

“I would consider going to Manchester United but United have to consider if they want me to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson. If they do, then of course.”