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James To Stay On Loan At Bayern Munich

The desire to succeed at Real Madrid is something that is still very important to James Rodriguez, but he isn’t planning to leave Bayern Munich this summer.

James believes it would not be right to leave Bayern after just one season, especially after all the love the club and their fans showed him during the previous campaign.

In addition, Bayern feel that they were the ones who put trust in the talent of James over the past year, and that it is not right for Real Madrid to want him back after they let him leave through the back door.

The message being released from the club recently was blunt and to the point, with the view being that James will remain on loan at Bayern until 2019, after which the purchase option in his contract will be triggered.

Speculation about James’ possible return to the Bernabeu was raised when Julen Lopetegui told the player he would love to have him on the team.

For a time, this message had the Colombian doubting his future, but James himself also perceives that leaving Bayern at this point would be a bad move.

He has regained the confidence he lost in Madrid in his last two years and feels he owes the team.

“So far I am still at Bayern,” he said.

“I am happy and they have shown their affection for the people and the team.”

Despite Bayern having the option to make the loan deal permanent at the end of the season, James and his representatives see a a path that could see him return to Los Blancos.

They believe that if they tell the German champions that James wishes to return to Spain that Bayern will not want to spend €42m for a player who prefers to be on another team.

James has not hidden his Madridista past during his time in Germany and, in fact, he has kept his house in the Spanish capital and still has contact with several players on the team.

In all the interviews he has given since leaving Real Madrid, he has made it clear he did not want to leave.

“It was sad and hard to leave,” he said.

“Real Madrid was always my dream.

“I always try to watch their matches at my house when I can.”

His dream since childhood was always to play in the famous white jersey, and that is the card the club will be hoping to play in 2019.