La Liga

Guardiola guarantees title

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola insists he will “eat his words” if the Catalan giants do not win the Primera Liga this season.

Guardiola has seen his team go through a bit of a slump in the league in recent weeks as their 10-match winning run was brought crashing to an end with a draw and back-to-back defeats.

Their lead at the top of the Primera Liga standings has been cut from 12 points to just four but the Barca boss is confident they can still claim their first league title in three years.

“I know we’re going to be champions,” he said. “I’ll eat my words if we’re not. You can call this a crisis or whatever. I am very sure of what I say. I know that we are a good team and that we will have a good year. I feel strong, confident and more optimistic than a while back. I think defeats are all part of the process, although I understand we have to cut them out quickly and that’s why we know the importance of the next few games.”

Barca are now faced with the very real prospect of being caught by two-time reigning champions Real Madrid and ending what appeared to be such a promising season empty handed.

So great has their slump been that speculation is mounting that Guardiola could be out of a job if the Catalans do end up throwing away the league. However, the man himself has laughed off the notion his job could be in danger.

“I am the leader, they will follow me and we will get it,” he added. “I believe much in myself and in what I am doing. I say what I feel and at the moment I feel we will get back to winning and pick up more of an advantage. We only need to get back the tone and the aggression that we had at the beginning of the season. I know we will be champions. Today I feel that we will be.”

Is Guardiola right, will Barcelona will La Liga this year?