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2010 World Cup Preview: Portugal

Cristiano's other favourite stuff..The Team: Cristiano Ronaldo is one player who I have never liked. I will admit that he was the best player in the world in 2008 when he led Man U to both the Prem and title. Yet, I also think his contribution to both of those titles is overestimated, and other Man U players’ (like Ryan Giggs) contributions to that title are underrated. That’s just me. I just don’t like Ronaldo. He acts like he is the whole team. And I despise that about him.

The Cream: Yet, I have just played into his hands by writing the whole “team” section about one player, C. Ronaldo. The truth is, Portugal has several star players who might even do better if they were not worried about how many touches Sir Ronnie gets. Seriously, Ronaldo is the soccer version of Kobe Bryant… yes, he scores alot, but he also has more chances than anyone else. So, who else do I like for Portugal? How about Ferriera, Tiaga and even Man U’s Nani.

The Dream: As strong as Portugal’s squad is (and it is strong), I still don’t think they will win it all. In fact, I will put their odds @ 30:1 right now (which I am sure many Portugese people would like to get a piece of). Why am I down on them even though so many others are picking them as their upset special? Well, probably just because I don’t like Ronaldo. I don’t like anyone who takes superhuman skills and trades them for fleeting fame. He thinks he’s the best.

Apparently, he’s never met Messi.

Creative Commons License photo credit: JannahHAIR