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2010 World Cup Preview: Ivory Coast


The Team: Hey, Ivory Coast? Well, I must admit, I just don’t get you. I mean, why is there no Ebony Coast? Seriously? Wait, what am I talking about? Um, yeah, I have no idea. Again. I never know what I am talking about. In addition, I don’t really know much about Cote d’Ivoire’s national football team. Actually, I know nothing. So, I won’t pretend like I do. What I do know is that they have only been to one Cup (and it was the last one), and they sucked.

The Cream: But hey, they do have some very, very good players, and even though they may lack history at the , it’s never been hosted on their home continent and I think they could surprise a few people this June. Didier Drogba (Chelsea) is their star striker, and when he is properly motivated, there are few forwards in the world who are better at finding the net. I also am a fan of Yaya Toure (Barca), Eboue (Arsenal) and Barry (Lokeren).

The Dream: The Ivory Coast has an extremely strong lineup, but the nation has been independent since 1960 and they have just started competing for major soccer awards. Their draw wasn’t just bad (Brazil and Portugal in the first round), it was “Group of Death” bad. I just don’t think this team will prevail in South Africa in 2010. So, I will place the odds of them winning the Cup @ 70:1. That’s sort of high, right? So why I am down on them? Maybe I’m not…

Maybe I’m just trying to swing the odds in my favor?

After all, they do have some very, very good players… 

Creative Commons License photo credit: abdallahh