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2010 World Cup Preview: Slovakia

McSlovakThe Team: Slovakia is a new nation still and this will be their first . You know what they say, “you always remember your first time.” Well, unless you drink too much and wake up in Tom Selleck’s beach house, but that’s another story for another day children. Slovakia earned their ticket with a strong qualifying campaign and their team of top talent is primed and ready to try to give Slovakia’s people something they have been waiting for since 1993.

The Cream: Yep, since Saved By The Bell was still a staple of Saturday morning television. The team’s heart is Hamsik. He is sort of their “man in the middle” and he needs to prove himself one hot potato if he hopes to help Slovakia win the Cup. They will also need their steed in defense, Cech, and their tyrant up top, Mintal, to both paint their masterpieces on the pitch game after game. In short, they have a battle ahead. I like this team though.

The Dream: Slovakia has their top players positioned in good places around the globe, yet they are all close enough together in Europe that they can practice regularly and build chemistry. Meanwhile, the Yanks need to earn more Sky Miles before they can bring some guys back for a Friendly. I still think Slovakia struggles in 2010 though. Why? Well, like I said at the top of this post. It is their first time. They are probably nervous, so it all might end really quickly.

Their – ahem – experience may be short, but their odds are long, 200:1 in my book.

Creative Commons License photo credit: lanchutt