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Gago Says He Wants To Win Titles – With Valencia

Valencia’s new signing Fernando Gago stated that he made the move from Real Madrid because he was optimistic of winning titles in the future!!

Valencia have been perennial underachievers in the title race as they have recorded three consecutive third-placed finishes since 2010. Still, last season they finished 30 points behind second-placed Barcelona making it the widest gulf between the top two sides and the rest of the league in the past 12 years.

But Gago, who recently inked a four-year deal with Valencia, insists that he only joined the club because he feels confident of winning win a La Liga medal in the future.

“I have come with a clear goal,” he told reporters. “I like to win titles and in all my career I have won titles, so I do not want this season to be like my last one, in which I did not win anything.

“It was a quick decision and I made it thinking about the city, which is amazing, and also about my family and sporting matters.

“A friend of mine told me great things about this club and I think it was the best decision. I really liked this club’s project because they have very good players.”

The Argentinean will get to see if his prediction proves fortuitous when Valencia take on rivals Real in the opening fixture of the 2012/13 season on August 18.