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Fiorentina Sack Their Manager After He Attacks A Player

Fiorentina have sacked coach Delio Rossi after he physically attacked midfielder Adem Ljajic during Wednesday night’s 2-2 draw with Novara.

The incident occurred shortly after the half-hour mark, with Fiorentina trailing 2-0.

As he walked toward the bench, Ljajic put his thumb up to sarcastically praise Rossi for the substitution. When the player sat down, Rossi ran over and appeared to slap Ljajic in the face.

As it appeared Rossi was lining up a punch, the coach was pulled away by his assistants and other players.

Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle told Sky Sports in Italy, in quotes reported on the club’s official website:

“At the end of the match I saw pictures of what happened on the bench when Ljajic was substituted.

“I made the decision to sack the coach for an act that was very serious.

“Tomorrow morning [Thursday] we’ll talk calmly.

“I’m sorry for the coach who is a good person and does not deserve it, but tonight he committed a serious act.”

It was a crazy scene to witness. Something you seen in club football, but never at the professional level. Not sure what made Rossi react like that, but I doubt if we will ever see him manage a top flight side again after tonight.