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FIFA Tell Barca No Suarez Presentation

luis-suarez-barcelonaLouis Suarez’s dream of being presented in front of a stadium full of adoring Barcelona fans has been stopped by FIFA, which have basically told Barcelona to have Suarez sign his new contract in a back room somewhere.

Barca had wanted to roll out the red carpet for their record breaking summer signing from Liverpool. Since Suarez is banned for four months from all ‘football related activities’ for biting Italian player Chiellini during the World, they asked FIFA for permission and they responded that the player “cannot be presented in public”.

“The ban relates to all football-related activity. He cannot be in a football-related public event irrespective of the venue. He cannot even be involved in a football-related charity event”, said FIFA’s press spokesperson Delia Fischer.

Since Barcelona cannot even hold a press conference or issue any pictures of the Uruguay striker signing for them, Suarez will be restricted to signing for Barca in some back room, away from the Camp Nou and anything that belongs to the club.

But he will not mind. He got the move that he wanted and now the focus can switch to how Barca will integrate Suarez, Messi and Neymar into the same line-up given them on paper at least the most potent strike force in Europe.