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Cristiano Ronaldo Has Words With Atletico President

In Saturday’s Madrid derby it was clear that one of Atletico’s tactics was to be very physical. That tactic backfired when five Atletico Madrid players were shown yellow cards while two more were shown straight reds.

Atletico’s tactics did not go down well with the Real Madrid players and Cristiano Ronaldo made sure that the Atletico President knew how they felt about these types of tactics.

Ronaldo was at the AS awards gala and somehow found himself seated at the same table as Atletico president Enrique Cerezo.

Cerezo initially ignored Ronaldo, shaking hands with his agent instead. Ronaldo then asked Cerezo about Atletico’s tactics in the derby, while making a hand motion referencing the chop to the legs he received, and Cerezo argued that Real did their share too.

“Pepe, [Ricardo] Carvalho, [Sergio] Ramos, the short guy with a lot of hair…” Cerezo said, pretending to forget Marcelo’s name.

“You’re talking about the best in the world,” Ronaldo shot back. He then gave the back of Cerezo’s head an impressive death stare.

Watch the interaction below