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Could Valencia’s Financial Problems Result In Éver Banega And Jonas Being Sold In January?

Valencia_mestallaReports in Spain suggest that lender Bankia has put Valencia on the market, having decided this was the only way the bailed-out bank could get back the €81 million it is owed by the club’s current owners. The move by Bankia could result in a fire sale of Valencia star’s Ever Banega and Jonas in the January transfer window.

Valencia’s president Aurelio Martinez disagrees with the banks assessment and says that it would be “suicide” to sell Valencia at the moment.

“Bankia has never hidden that it wants to sell Valencia CF, it wants to find an investor to solve the issue of the Foundation’s loan,” Martinez said. “But we [foundation] and Valencia [the club] have said that we will not sell. We [the foundation board] will leave if that option is taken. It would be suicide to sell Valencia now. There are offers to buy, but nothing which reaches the level the club deserves.”

The easiest way for Bankia to get some of its money back is for the club to sell some of its assets like midfielder Ever Banega and striker Jonas. Banega is valued at €18m and Jonas €12m. If Bankia has a fire sale, both players could go for a fraction of their value.

The Argentina international Banega, who has been linked with a move to England’s Tottenham Hotspur in the past, has been having a disappointing season with only 1 goal and 3 assist in 13 games this season. Jonas on the other hand has 8 goals in 13 games (38% of Valencia’s total).