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English Premier League News

Giggity, Giggity Giggs!

When Ryan Giggs came off the bench in the second half for Manchester United on Sunday, he wasn’t making just another typical appearance. Not only was he appearing in the second half of the most important league game of the season, but he was also tying Bobby Charlton’s Ripken-like record of 758 team appearances. Giggs’ [...]

Fulham Survives Against All Odds

It’s fitting a team with so many Americans would want to have a Hollywood ending to an otherwise ugly season, and that is exactly what Fulham conjured up in its final game of the season on Sunday. Due to Reading’s expected thrashing of Derby and Birmingham’s surprising stomping of Blackburn, Fulham needed a win yesterday [...]

City’s Competitors Eyeing Targets

Manchester City’s foes in the Premiership are beginning to zero in on several targets as the upcoming transfer period draws near. Captain Richard Dunne has been linked to Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle United, and Sunderland. Manchester City’s four-time player of the year appears to be no longer needed at owner Thaksin Shinawatra’s City. Widely considered [...]

Big Four? More Like Two…

For years, pundits have argued the EPL is a boring league because of the concentration of talent at the top. Like MLB, the EPL allows teams to spend as freely as they like, meaning billionaire American businessmen and Russian oil tycoons can stockpile the best players like rations in a nuclear fallout shelter. In case [...]

Manchester United and Chelsea fans who are heading to Moscow for the Champions League Final got good news today when UEFA announced that all ticket holders attending the UEFA Champions League final in Moscow on 21 May will be able to use their match ticket as a visa entry to the Russian Federation for a [...]

The Fulham Frankenstein

It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! Fulham, aka “America’s Team” in the EPL, just won’t die, despite the fact the so-called experts labeled them as-good-as relegated weeks ago. Granted, those experts weren’t insane for suggesting it looked certain the Cottagers would be playing second division soccer this time next year. After all, they had only won a [...]

Champions League Quarterfinals Predictions

Arsenal over Liverpool This is a tough draw for both teams who will play each other a few times between match ups in the Champions League. This is a classic match up of European soccer vs. Premier League soccer, as Liverpool always performs well in European play, while Arsenal always battles for the Premier League [...]

For many years the debate has been, which is the best soccer league in the world: the Italian A League or the English Premier League. Taking a look at the last two years of the Champions League Tournament it is pretty obvious that the choice has to be the Premier League. There are some that [...]

Liverpool versus Barcelona Final

The Champions League draw today sets up some intriguing quarter-final and semi-final match-ups. The quarter-final draw was: Arsenal v Liverpool AS Roma v Man Utd Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona Fenerbahce v Chelsea The team listed first plays the first leg at home and first-leg ties take place on 1 or 2 April, with the [...]

Champions League Quarterfinals Set

The Champions League Quarterfinals are set, well almost as Liverpool and Inter Milan play their second leg in Milan on March 11th with Liverpool traveling to Italy after winning the first leg at home 2-0. There have been some major surprises and some not so major surprises in the 2008 Champions League. Defending champions AC [...]