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Casillas Plays Down Divisions In Real Madrid Squad

Iker Casillas played down divisions between the Spanish and Portuguese players in the Real Madrid team after Sunday’s win against Athletic Bilbao saying:

“We can’t start losing our minds and pointing the finger at each other. Whistles are really aimed at all of us. We must all be united, team and fans alike. That’s the way to earn good results. We must all row in the same direction if we want to celebrate winning the league title. I don’t have a bad relationship with any of my teammates. You’ll have to ask Marca about what they publish. I have nothing against it, but you’ll have to ask them about today’s article. We’re not here to say if it is or isn’t true. We shouldn’t get dragged into this.”

“This is the Bernabeu and any whistle at our coach is also aimed at us. If we want to win a title and celebrate on 13 May we must all row in the same direction. That’s what matters. We shouldn’t go crazy and point the finger at teammates, coaches or executives. We lost one game, the team didn’t play well and we must now think about our next match in the Copa del Rey.”

“I don’t have a bad relationship with any teammate. We coexist in training sessions, pre-match gatherings and games, like all other squads. I may get angry with someone one particular day, or someone may get angry at me, but it’s not something to dwell on. There are no problems between the Spaniards and Portuguese on the squad. I find it quite absurd also because there happens to be Brazilian players amongst the so-called Portuguese group.”