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Carlos Tevez To Learn Man City Fate This Week

Carlos Tevez and Manchester City club club officials met Monday as City try and find out what took place in Munich last week.

Tevez was grilled for an hour by City representatives in Manchester where he gave his account of what happened a week ago in the Allianz Arena.

According to Paul McCarthy, who the handling the PR for Tevez, Tevez will claim that the never refused to come on, that it was simply a ­misunderstanding with boss Roberto Mancini.

Man City want the investigation finished by Thursday and reportedly all options, including the termination of Tevez’s contract if the player is found to be guilty of gross misconduct remain open.

Members of City’s coaching staff, who were on the bench in Munich, as well as several of Tevez’s team-mates have also been interviewed.

Roberto Mancini was not their as he was spoken to as part of the internal enquiry before he travelled home to Italy on Saturday following City’s 4-0 win at Blackburn.