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Carlos Queiroz Sacked By Portugal

PrideIn a move that surprised no one Portugal have fired coach Carlos Queiroz. Queiroz has recently been handed a six-month ban for allegedly insulting anti-doping agents before this year’s World Cup.

A Portuguese Football federation statement read:

“Given the recent events, and after reviewing the current situation concerning the national coach, the directorate of the FPF decided unanimously [to end] the contract… with the national coach, Carlos Queiroz, with immediate effect.”

Let be clear here. Queiroz is not being fired because he swore at anti-doping agents. He was fired because of Portugal’s nightmare start to Euro 2012 qualifying campaign. Last week Portugal could only manage a 4-4 draw with Cyprus before they lost 1-0 to Norway.

That performance coming on the back of Portugal’s disappointing World Cup campaign is the real reason why Queiroz was fired.

Queiroz is a great assistant manager. At Real Madrid and Portugal he has proven he is not cut out as a manager.

Creative Commons License photo credit: MagdaMontemor