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Can Tevez Really Play For Man City Again After This Interview?

Carlos Tevez is on his way back to Manchester where he is expected to make up with Roberto Mancini and be included back in the City squad. I think it is a sign of how worried that City are that they will not win the league that they are willing to forgive and forget Tevez’s actions.

And as a reminder of the kind of person he is, Tevez gave a farewell interview in Argentina with Fox Sports in which he made some incredible statements about the club, fans and manager. Here are some excerpts:

On what happened in Munich:

“I warmed up during the first half. Then went to dressing room and I was ready for the second half. In the second half Mancini decided to replace Dzeko with De Jong. It was a defensive substitution and I didn’t understand. Dzeko argued with Mancini so I decided to sit. Dzeko was arguing in Bosnian and Mancini was yelling back at him in Italian. I decided to keep out of it but then Mancini noticed I’d sat down. He started yelling at me, telling me to get up again. He was treating me like a dog. Mancini told me all sorts of things there. I don’t know why. I was relaxed. I was talking to Zabaleta. I had no problems. I never refused to play. I refused to keep warming up. The club investigated and then they fined me.”

On the Man City Fans:

“I want to go back to Manchester and win over the City fans,” Tevez said. “People turned their back on me. I didn’t understand City fans burning my shirt. It hurt. It’s normal they react like that because they read all sorts of things. To be insulted by fans after what happened in Munich was something I didn’t deserve.”

On Roberto Mancini

“If it’s true that Mancini said he will welcome me back if I’m fit, then I like those quotes,” he said. “But if he only said it for the media… But he also said I was never going to be playing for him again. So I don’t know. Mancini’s position got stronger when Kun Aguero arrived. I don’t know if he would have done the things he did if this was last season. Last season we almost exchanged punches! But he never said anything. He got a better team this season and felt like making the decision. I was very upset by everything and maybe I wasn’t seeing things clearly. That Bayern episode could have been avoided. They could have kicked me out of the club without saying all the things they said, they could have dealt with the situation in a different way. I think that’s where Mancini got things wrong. If we had a problem, we could have sorted it out in a different way.”

I cannot believe that City are going to cave in and let Tevez back in the dressing room. It was only a couple of weeks ago that he said

“My destination is Milan. I only see myself in the Rossoneri colours. Now I’m waiting for Milan.”

Be careful what you wish for City fans. Tevez might destroy your title ambitions.