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Calderon: Unhappy Ronaldo must go

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon say that an unhappy player has no place in the team and believes the club should not be afraid to offload Cristiano Ronaldo.

Calderon was replaced as Real Madrid President in 2009 by Florentino Pérez, and he has been critical of the Perez administration which has only recently managed to achieve domestic success with a La Liga title win in the 2011/12 season.

As to Ronaldo as his I am “sad” statement, Calderon had a simple message to the Real club hierarchy in a recent interview: 

“If a player is unhappy, they must go. It happened to me with Robinho; it was a dramatic saga, but he was bought for €28 million and sold for €48 million, so it was a good deal.”

Calderon also believes that Ronaldo’s compatriots are increasingly becoming influential within the establishment in a worrying sign for the club.

“Jorge Mendes (Ronaldo’s agent) is now the club president, without having been elected by the board, they left the club in his and Mourinho`s hands,” he sarcastically remarked on Eurosport magazine.

“He’s made decisions; some players have come because he was their representative, the president knows what he`s done.

“Mourinho is a great coach and motivator, but sometimes behaves regrettably.

“It’s an issue that needs to be addressed by the coach himself, but it seems difficult.

Real Madrid has always been bigger than one man, one player, one coach. Is the culture at Madrid changing under Perez so that Mou and Ronaldo are starting to view themselves as bigger than the club?