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Calderon claims Real Signing

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says the club have already done a deal to sign “one of the best players in the world. Calderon, who resigned as Real president in January after allegations of vote rigging over the club’s proposed budget surfaced, revealed without naming names that he had helped to secure the signing of a current leading player.

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Milan star Kaka have both been heavily linked with a move to Real. Calderon told French radio station RMC:

“I can’t give any names. What I can say is that one of the best players in the world, thanks to Ramon Calderon and difficult and laborious negotiations that having been going on since last year, is already formally a Real Madrid player. Subject obviously to him being able to sign the relevant contract.”

Can someone make him go away please? Now we have an other transfer deal this will take the summer to complete. Either they have signed Ronaldo or Kaka or they have not. Until Real Madrid has a press conference showing one of these two players wearing a white shirt, can he just be quiet? And Mr. Platini, how about some tampering charges here?