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Becks Stadium Plans In Miami Under Fire

MiamiNot a good day for Major League Soccer and their soccer specific stadium plans. Following up the the heels of the news that NYCFC will spend its first three seasons playing at Yankee Stadium, comes the news that David Beckham’s plan to build a stadium at the port of Miami is under fire from a shipping alliance.

“We cannot jeopardize well-paying jobs, like crane operators, longshore workers, and mechanics, for low-paying stadium jobs, such as concession sales,” the Miami Seaport Alliance said in a full-page ad that ran in the Miami Herald and its sister Spanish-language paper, El Nuevo Herald.

The group includes two chapters of the International Longshoremen’s Association and two stevedore companies, whose workers load and unload ships, along with car dealer Norman Braman, the one-time owner of Philadelphia Eagles.

BBeckham last month unveiled detailed plans for a 25,000-seat waterfront stadium on the island port with sweeping views of downtown Miami.

“The plan doesn’t interfere with port operations,” said Neisen Kasdin, an attorney for Akerman Senterfitt and adviser for the Beckham group. “It will likely generate more revenue for the port in the shorter term than other concepts that have been discussed.”

This could be a tough obstacle for Beckham’s group to overcome. You have two unions who can have an impact on any local political race in Miami, and that will influence how Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez votes on this decision.

At the moment, it is looking like the prospect of a new soccer stadium in downtown Miami is 50-50 at best. Might be time to look at option B David.