Major League Soccer

Becks Says Galaxy SLow Start Was Hangover From Last Year

One of the biggest disappointments in Major League Soccer this season has been the poor form of the defending MLS Cup champions, the LA Galaxy.

For most of the season, the Galaxy have been at, or near, the bottom of the Western Conference and David Beckham blames the teams slow start on a hangover from winning the MLS Cup last season.

 “Any team that has a slow start has a hangover. Personally, I’ve never had that in the past with teams I’ve played for” Beckham told the UK newspaper The Mirror.

“With us, we came back and weren’t focused, simply as that. Maybe we got too lazy. We ate too much in the off season. L.A. weather and the beach.

“We weren’t focused as a team. It had nothing to do with the management. The management is great and the staff we have is great.”

Beckham is set to be named as one of Pearce’s three over-age players and it will help reward his role in the London Olympic bid.

The Galaxy have started to show signs of turning their season around three straight wins and Beckham is pleased with how LA is playing now:

“We’ve got a great locker room. That’s one thing I’m very proud of, to be part of a team that’s as together as we are.

“That’s why it was hard to accept the way we were playing in the first half of the season. Like I said before, it had nothing to do with the management, staff, no-one; it was literally the players weren’t performing on the field.

“In the last three games we’ve performed and we’re back up there. Things can turn around in this league very quickly and I think we’ve done that in the last week with three big wins.”