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Barcelona sign massive sponsorship deal

Hours after our Barcelona fan site asked Will Barcelona really put a sponsors name on shirts? the answer from Barca headquarters was swift. Yes!

In the most lucrative shirt deal in history, Barcelona signed a five year deal worth €150m with the Qatar Foundation. The record-breaking deal means Barcelona will pocket around €10m a season more Real Madrid, who are sponsored by online betting company Bwin.

“It is not a commercial brand but a non-government organisation in a country that wants publicity through education and sport, and, as everybody knows, through organising the 2022 World Cup,” said Barcelona vice-president Javier Faus. “Barcelona needs the money to face up to our €420m debt.”

Barcelona currently pay international children’s charity Unicef to wear its logo on their shirts. That agreement stays in place and in three weeks’ time a newly designed logo, which combines the two sponsors, will be unveiled.