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Who Has The Best 2010 World Cup Coverage?

Today's News is Tomorrows HistoryWell, other than STO and its sister sites, of course! In all seriousness, the media coverage of the 2010 World Cup has exceeded the exposure of perhaps any other sporting event in world history. Every player, manager and match has been analyzed ad nauseum by journalists and bloggers all over the world. ABC/ESPN has done a great job with their TV coverage, and FSC has offered up some decent analysis despite its inability to use actual game footage. But…

When it comes to the written word, several outlets have provided some amazing coverage that deserves our praise. So, today I am going to offer you links to five of the best sites that I have utilized to satisfy my World Cup fix. These sites also usually provide excellent commentary even when the World Cup is not in session, and I would encourage you to read them even after the Cup ends. But, if you are looking for World Cup news right now, you will find these sites to be superb:

SBI: Ives has always had the best domestic news and analysis, and his blogging team’s World Cup coverage has been top notch. Nowhere else can you find so much inside info on (or drinking games to play during) US Soccer matches.

Deadspin: Although they sometimes simply regurgitate the funny stories they found elsewhere, their “World Cuppage” content has been very humorous. Moreover, they deserve a Peabody for their “hard”-hitting blogs on Paraguay Girl.

SI: Grant Wahl is one of the best soccer writers in America, even if he only covers the beautiful game when his overlords at SI let him escape from his NCAA basketball coverage. As for Peter King, he should just stick to the NFL. 

Yahoo/Dirty Tackle: Although I rarely find their stories to be humorous or insightful, I must commend Dirty Tackle and Martin Rogers at Yahoo simply for their unbelievable productivity over the last few weeks. They’ve been prolific. 

ESPN/Bill Simmons: Sure, this choice is unusual since The Sports Guy only wrote one column about the entire Cup, but I must say that I found that one story to be the best one written yet about the US team’s journey in South Africa.

His story was so good it almost made me forgive ESPN for Rick Reilly.

Notice I said “almost”. Reilly, you still suck.

Oh, yeah, and remember when I accused Reilly of stealing a joke from an ESPN announcer?

I wonder where he got that “ties” joke too?*

* I am not saying I invented the joke, just that – even if I didn’t – it is a tired joke…

Creative Commons License photo credit: [BarZaN] Qtr [Boston]